Ali and Dan’s forest preserve engagement session was a welcome detour from the urban photography I’ve been immersed in lately. Don’t get me wrong – I love city living, and LOVE urban photography! But it never hurts to get back to nature once in a while.

These lovebirds had been engaged for only a month when I met them, and it showed! They couldn’t stop smiling at each other, so obviously in love and excited for their wedding next June. He makes her laugh, and she just adores him. Their session was a lot of fun to photograph 🙂

We met at Waterfall Glen forest preserve, a place I’d never been but had been meaning to explore. This was the perfect opportunity! Both of them were from the area, and Dan had visited the forest preserve frequently growing up. Our session consisted of hiking through wildflowers, stepping stones through the creek, and of course – playing in waterfalls.

Ali and Dan: Thank you again for having me! Congratulations to you both, I know you’ll continue to make each other so happy in the years to come.