Eunice and Kyle’s Engagement session was magical in ways I don’t think any of us expected. Their connection is undeniable – I know they could make each other laugh for hours! Between a series of mishaps and the sky beginning to drizzle, all signs pointed to “maybe we should reschedule?” but Eunice and Kyle were packed and ready to leave Chicago a few short days later. They have since relocated to sunny California near where they met years ago, and where they will wed next June. Bottom line is, nothing was going to stop us! We had to make their session happen right then and there, and it came together in the most beautiful way.

I have heard many proposal stories in my day, and theirs resonates with me for some reason. Maybe because I can relate a little 🙂

Eunice’s words: “Kyle and I met when we both attended the same boarding school for high school. I hated his guts, he thought I was a prude. We started dating when I was a junior and he was a sophomore and have been together ever since (8.5 years now). He delights in irritating me and proposed by saying annoying thing after annoying thing so I would not see it coming. We plan to get married at our high school in Southern California.”

Before we began, Eunice shared some photos of their high school to give me an idea of their wedding vision. Believe me – it’s not exactly gymnasiums and fluorescent lighting. This place is a gorgeous mountainside California property that caused this Wisconsin girl’s jaw to drop. I’m not kidding. If my high school were that picturesque… I don’t think I ever would have left!

Kyle and Eunice, I had so much fun capturing these moments with you! I can’t believe the rain held off and our session continued after sunset. The very best to you both as you start your new life together.