Earlier this month I participated in Chicago’s Moment-Driven Workshop, a recurring event organized by Candice C. Cusic of Cusic Photography. I signed up for the workshop months ago, with the intent that it would help me develop new skills while honing my strengths as a photographer. In this field we are constantly growing, and I still think I learn something new each time I pick up my camera. I mean, really – what fun would it be if we just did the same thing the same way every time?

The workshop was held at Roosevelt University downtown, and included two full days of getting to know each other, photographing models, strangers, and each other, and trying to incite real emotion out of our subjects moment-to-moment. This was more challenging than I thought it would be! Key focus areas included hands, shoulders (they ARE our friends!), and my personal favorite: closeups. I think by Day 2 I mastered photographing strangers without the “camera-awareness” look. Results are below.

I had the privilege of taking this workshop alongside some incredibly talented individuals (also pictured below). All of us at different stages in our lives, our careers, and with many different backgrounds. All of us photographers. Do yourself a favor and check out their work!

AdeSonjuDonnaBenCarlaTracy, and Patricia: it was wonderful meeting you all! I am so happy to have been a part of this with you – feel free to reach out any time you’re in Chicago. Special thanks to Candice for the awesome experience all around.