September is here, September is here! As it happens, this month will bring many changes. For some, that means parenthood.

Photographing Angelina was an absolute delight! She is so excited for baby Vera – her first! – to arrive later this month. We met for our session at 31st Street Beach a couple hours before sunset. She was in her 35th week of pregnancy, which is prime photo time! She had the perfect bump, a decent range of motion, and – don’t get me started – that glow. It’s a thing.

There’s something about capturing this time in a woman’s life that seems essential to me. You may not feel the most glamorous during the nine months before baby, and I can understand the tendency to avoid cameras altogether. BUT this is your history, and your family’s history, and it’s something I believe should be documented in some way. Besides, it’s my job to help you feel glamorous! Angelina, however, didn’t seem to have a problem with that 🙂

We had a lot of fun hanging at 31st Street Beach and waiting for the sun to set. It was Friday night, and the beach was full of families picnicking and building sandcastles, and plenty of seagulls to keep things… interesting. Angelina’s background in modeling definitely didn’t hurt, and I even got to meet Dad-to-be Enrique! He was super helpful carrying her things and providing general moral support. I have no doubt they are going to be the most loving, caring parents to their newborn in a few short weeks.

Angelina: thank you again for having me capture these for you! I had such a great time and just love what we created together. Can’t wait for you to meet your daughter, she’s a lucky one 🙂